Music Videos Rock!

Each team member on my team has a singing part and also we all are editing the video. Justice and me are the sort of main characters in the story. We do the first two verses and the other main parts. Sophia and Maya are the main editors. They edited most of the video and did all the effects in it.

I think the part the audience will enjoy the most is the last scene. I the last scene every one involved in the video walk away from the camera on rocks. After about 3 seconds of walking we all pause and turn around. Also in the background there are explosions going on. When this scene comes everyone just smiles and laughs.

Our music video shows about every thing that we learned. It has everything from camera tricks to special effects. We also have a photoshop image at the end and we used almost every tool while doing it. It also contains good lip-syncing. We also have  good story telling involved in the video

Lyrical Livelihood

I don't really have a favorite song or song lyrics, but if I had to pick it would be a line from "Livin in the sunlight" by Tiny Tim. One of my favorite lyrics from the song would be the line in the chorus "Living in the sunlight, Loving in the moonlight Having a wonderful time!". When ever I hear the lyrics and the way Tiny Tim sings it I just have to smile. So when ever I need a smile I always listen to the song.

For our new project in GT we are making music videos. My team and I are doing the Bee Gees - Stayin Alive. We picked this song because we wanted to do a funny song for the video. So we started to look for songs that are funny and are fun to do. One of my team mates, Justice showed me Stayin Alive and we went with it.

Our video is going to be really similar to the original music video. Its going to be of 4 people who survive an apocalypse event. Throughout the story we are going to be walking around desalinate and barren places while singing. Our video is also going to have funny and awkward moments. It will also feature many dance moves from the 70's and the 80's.

Our Animation Story

Our focus statement is ''friend solve conflict". Our focus statement is about a friend that solves a problem between two friends. Our focus statement tells our story because our stories is about a team that has a argument. But in the end one of the friends solves the problem and they come back together and win the competition. So our focus statement fits perfect in our story.

Theres is two lessons that you can learn from our story. One lesson is that fighting never solves a problem, and that one person can solve a conflict.  In our video it shows two friends fighting and then they get mad at each other and one team member leaves. After the team member leaves another friends goes after her and solves the problem and they get back together and win the competition.

Some of the best moments as a team for me was at the end when we turned in our video on time. I also liked when we did the critique and I saw the video and my team did a good job on the editing. Some of the bad moments was at the beginning of the project.  Our team didn't know what to do and we kept tossing around ideas and nothing was working. In the end I had to pretty much do the whole pitch sheet last minute. 

Animation Outtakes

My team for our new GT project is Ehu, Seth, and Brooke. Two interesting facts about Ehu is that she is really tall and she is cool.Two interesting facts about Brooke is that she likes to box, and likes to take photos. Two interesting facts aboutSeth is that he likes to boogie-board and likes to eat good food.

What is stop-motion? Stop-motion is an animation technique that consists of taking many pictures to create a film out of the pictures. Stop motion is commonly used to make a physically manipulated an object so that appears to move on its own.The object is usually moved in small increments in between photos. A GIF is one type of stop motion. GIFs are usually short stop motion animations that are played on loop for people to see.

The story that we are telling in our story is one of my stories. Its a story of a team that goes to Florida for a competition and has some trouble. The team has an argument and everyone gets mad at each other. But in the end the work together and win the competition. The animation describes a struggle that people can relate too which is one of the reasons why people should care.

Typography Images

Typography is the art of arranging text to make it appear as it was an image of a subject. By using text that relates to the image helps the viewer get an idea of the personality and the subject. It also creates a sense of interest in the image. Typography is used in many images. Typography helps turn a normal picture into a an image with a lasting impact.

My biggest challenge in this project was that on my second try my image was very bright. We couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. We redid it, messed with the opacity, we made the image as dark as it could but nothing worked. So in the end we used the curves tool to make the colors darker.

This was my first try at typography image. It is a picture of Wilber Wright. This was my first attempt at typography and I think I did a good job.
This was my second attempt at Typography. This is a picture of       
Mrs. Ruvalcaba, a teacher at Kapaa Middle School. The color of the text stands out great but it makes the text hard to read.


This was my third and last attempt at typography. This is a picture of me. I think I did a reasonable job. But the background doesn't match the picture.

Double Exposed Portraits

Portrait photography is photography that involves the side of a persons face. It is focused on the persons face emotions. Portrait imagery is related to profile view in the aspect that both views feature the face details the most.

The first step to double exposure is loading a portrait image along with two to three other  images. Then on the portrait dodge everything around the face. After dodging the image right click on the picture in the layer bar and select Blending Options and then change your blend mode off of normal. Then do that to all of your pictures. The reason for making double exposures is to make normal pictures cool.

My first image is a picture of a tree. This symbolizes my love of nature and my adventures spirit.  The second picture is a view out side of the school. This represents two things. One, it represents that I like to take time and enjoy the view. Also, It represents that I spend a lot of time at school.

HDR Photography

HDR stands for high-dynamic-range imaging. It is a set of techniques used by photographers to capture a more detailed image with  a greater dynamic range. Its a good technique used to make a picture more detailed and vibrant. I like taking HDR images because they turn out better then normal pictures. They have more detail and have a lot of color in them.

The first step to creating an HDR photo is to find a great spot to take the image and making sure that you are taking the picture at the best time. Second is to take the several pictures needed by starting at -3 exposure and going up by one all the way up to +3 exposure. Next you have to upload the pictures to your computer. From there open up PS5.5 and Merge to HDR Pro. And fine tune your image in Camera Raw.

For my experiment image I chose to take it of my sister in her room. It was a little difficult because there wasn't enough light and when ever I tried to take the picture it would turn out really red and pink. In the end I was able to take good pictures and was able to make this.
I also did a landscape HDR image right outside of my school at dawn. The pictures turned out great with the sun rise in the background.